Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

MultiMan 4 Hire conducts its business in an ethical manner and expects its customers to do the same. We agree to carry out work on behalf of our customers on the following terms and conditions.

1. MultiMan 4 Hire reserves the right to refuse any work for any reason, including the following.
1.1 Where there are Licensing Constraints, for example:
* Any building work with a total cost exceeding $3300 including GST
* All Mains Power (240V) Electrical Work
* All Plumbing Work (except irrigation connected to water supply via garden taps, tap washer replacement, some underground stormwater, etc.)
* Any work requiring a specific licence under Australian or Queensland law which we do not hold
1.2 Where there are Ethical Constraints, for example:
* Any work that contravenes local state or federal legislation or associated regulations
* Any work involving the use of dangerous chemicals or other materials (eg. asbestos) that normally require specialist handling
* Any work involving the use of chemicals in other than a minor supporting role or where effective natural alternatives exist
* Any work that promotes unreasonable waste, unsustainable practices, etc.
1.3 Where there are Physical Constraints, for example:
* Any work that requires equipment that we do not own or cannot hire and safely use ourselves
* Any work that requires physical agility that is beyond the capabilities of our staff
* Any work considered dangerous or requiring specialist skills that are beyond the normal capabilities of our staff

2. MultiMan 4 Hire reserves the right to sublet any work requested by a customer to appropriate third parties without specific notice to the customer. However MultiMan 4 Hire warrants that:
2.1 Any such work that is sublet will not incur any additional charges to those already agreed, and
2.2 We will guarantee any sublet work as if it had been performed by MultiMan 4 Hire.

3. Where MultiMan 4 Hire is unable to carry out or sublet certain work due to one or more of the above restrictions, or for any other reason, we may be able to assist by referring the customer to a suitably qualified third party to carry out such work. Any such arrangements will be deemed to be between the customer and the third party only and will not confer any liability whatsoever to MultiMan 4 Hire.

4. All work will be performed on the basis of the information provided by the customer. Any changes to the scope of work required must be notified in writing.

5. By accepting a quote or agreeing for work to commence the customer is entering into a contract for that work and agrees to abide by these Terms and Conditions, authorises such work to be carried out and agrees to pay MultiMan 4 Hire for the specified work immediately upon successful completion or as otherwise previously agreed.

6. All work requested will be performed by MultiMan 4 Hire or their agents unless it is subsequently discovered that such work cannot be completed for reasons that were not known at the time the work was requested, including any reasonable causes such as safety or legal issues, unavailability of parts or equipment, equipment failure, actions of third parties, weather, force majeure, etc. There will be no charge for any individual items of work that are not successfully completed. A pro-rata charge may apply for partially completed work, depending on the circumstances.

7. A combined Tax Invoice and Receipt for work done and monies received will be issued at the completion of each job.

8. All work that is successfully completed is guaranteed by MultiMan 4 Hire for a minimum period of 12 months (unless explicitly indicated otherwise on the Tax Invoice). Longer guarantee periods may apply under Australian Consumer Law.

9. The guarantee period commences from the date that all work indicated on the Tax Invoice is completed. The guarantee is not valid and will not be honoured until that work has been paid for in full by cleared funds.

10. Any claims against completed work can be notified to MultiMan 4 Hire by any of the contact methods shown on our Contact Us page, and must reach us within the stated guarantee period. Claims for issues that arise during the Guarantee period but which are not notified to MultiMan 4 Hire during this period for any reason may be rejected.


This version of the Terms and Conditions was published on 23 May 2020 and updated on 28 November 2020.