Aluminium & Pool Fencing

What’s in a name?

What started out as ‘pool fencing’ has since found many other applications around the home. The correct general term should probably be ‘tubular aluminium fencing’ as not all of this type of fencing meets the requirements of pool fencing. It is now common to see such fencing offered for sale in the major hardware stores but labelled as ‘garden fencing’. It is usually slightly cheaper than compliant pool fencing because the design and manufacturing standards are lower. The important point here is that what might look like pool fencing may not be suitable for fencing a pool.

Pool fencing – not just for pools.

While we are on the subject, ‘pool’ fencing is generally not suitable for balustrading either, especially if there is more than a one-metre drop involved. What might look like a cheap alternative to proper balustrading may well be non-compliant and often quite dangerous, depending on the particular application.

These days, pool fencing also includes the new glass styles which are gaining popularity as prices decrease. Aluminium slats are also appearing everywhere as new construction systems are being developed.


The main advantages of aluminium fencing are that view and airflow are not obstructed. This makes it a great choice for ‘internal’ fencing within a garden or where a great view needs to be preserved. It is also easy to work with and can work well in unusual situations.

This fence features ‘doggy bars’ and a sculpted base to match the curved concrete slab, both necessary to retain small dogs.

Range of options

Pool fencing is available in many more sizes than the ubiquitous standard 1200 high. Sometimes a little more security might be useful, both to keep things in – and out.

Some of the many available options when designing aluminium fencing – most suppliers will custom make whatever you require.

There is also a wide range of decorative options apart from the standard ‘flat top’ design. Not only can these dress up a fence, but adding features such as spikes or spears can make a fence much less appealing to climb.

Adding spears or spikes to the tops of fences can make intruders think twice about climbing over

Aluminium slats

For a more modern look, aluminium slats can be used in a wide variety of situations. Fencing, balustrading, or even screening to hide air conditioning units – or ugly neighbours (and their stuff). As well as the usual powder coating, there is a range of timber-look finishes also available.

These days, aluminium slats are easier than ever to put together.


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  1. My brother has been looking to make upgrades to his beach house before we stayover again for a vacation and I want to help him find out his choices. I really appreciated how you stated that aluminum tubular fences can help keep the view and airflow while still providing security because my brother’s beach house is set on top of a nice hill portion of the compound and so we would love a fence option that can still allow us to appreciate the scenery. I’ll be sure to show him your article so we can look for any contractors who offer similar products. Thank you!

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