Sample Jobs & Ideas

Here are some examples of the work we can do. We have included plenty of ideas and tips if you want to do it yourself.

Please select a category then have fun exploring the various jobs. We are adding more all the time so check back regularly, or email us or leave a comment if you have questions or there is something, in particular, that you would like to see.

Fencing & Retaining Walls

Whether you require Colorbond®, timber, aluminium, or chain wire fencing, there is something for everyone here. There are also some ideas for retaining walls.

Colorbond® Fencing

Some ideas, handy hints, design options, and spectacular failures.




Block Retaining Wall

A start-to-finish look at how one backyard was transformed using concrete blocks and a lot of digging.




Timber Fencing

Timber fencing can be a great option when you are trying to create a warm and inviting feeling in your yard, or where an unusual ground profile would make metal fence options difficult to work with.



Aluminium & Pool Fencing

This is a growing category with new fencing styles seeming to hit the market each year. There is a wide range of possibilities to suit most situations.



Decks, Pergolas & Garden Structures

Outdoor entertaining, storage and decoration are just some of the many reasons that these projects might be useful to enhance your place. There is something for everyone in this section.

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Natural & Synthetic Turf

There might be 2 kinds of grass – fake and real – but there is plenty of choice within each type. As with most jobs, preparation is the key with all types of turf. Explore the possibilities!

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Paving and Gravel

If you prefer a hard surface in your yard and don’t want concrete, there are plenty of options. With the wide range of pavers and decorative gravels available, the possibilities are endless.

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Household Interiors

Split one room into two, or combine two into one. Update kitchen benchtops, add shelving, change windows and doors. It’s much cheaper than moving…

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