What we do

MultiMan 4 Hire is a business servicing the Logan area of Brisbane, Australia, that can fix almost anything around your home. We can save you money, time and stress. If we can’t fix it or solve your problem, we won’t charge you (conditions apply).

How we are different

We offer a wide range of services:

  • Indoor and outdoor handyman type services – repairs to almost anything around the home
  • Fencing, paving, pergolas, patios and most outdoor structures up to $3,300 total job value
  • Mechanical repairs – to most things including golf carts and mobility scooters

All work is guaranteed AND it’s fixed or it’s free:

  • Before you throw something of value away and buy a new one, why not see if we can fix it first?
  • If we can fix it you could save hundreds or thousands of dollars, and in most cases we offer a minimum 12-month guarantee
  • If we can’t fix it then it won’t cost you anything (conditions apply)

One place for all your problems:

  • Don’t waste time ringing every Jim, Dick & Hubby – one call can fix it all

No callout fees:

  • Because we are not travelling across Brisbane we don’t need to charge a callout fee, although there is a minimum charge of half an hour in Bethania, Waterford and Edens Landing, and one hour outside those areas

You are always in charge of price:

  • We agree on all work before it starts and you can choose the quality of the work you want and set limits on how much to spend – no nasty surprises

Keep your money in the local area:

  • MultiMan 4 Hire is totally Logan based and wherever possible deals with local suppliers for both business and personal purchases

Overview of Services

Complete Handyman Service

We can take care of many maintenance issues around the house. We can assemble furniture (and even pick it up from the shop for you), hang pictures, replace flyscreens, high pressure water cleaning, to name a few.

Landscaping, fencing, general building work (under $3,300 only).
Specialising in small to medium jobs, we can build or renovate garden beds, lawns, paths and paving, garden edging, just about anything in your yard.

We specialise in Colorbond® fencing as well as pool fencing and the more traditional timber fence styles.

Small indoor and outdoor building projects such as decks, pergolas, garden sheds, small concreting jobs, internal walls, small plastering jobs, and shelving to name a few.

MultiMan4hire has a Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry approved risk management plan (ARMP No. 4606) for dealing with the Red Imported Fire Ant, which means we are trained and authorised to check your property for fire ants before commencing work. At present virtually all of Logan is classified as either high risk or low risk (get the latest information here). It is critical to implement approved procedures to help eradicate this unwelcome pest.

Repairs to almost anything

If you have anything around the house that needs fixing, call us first. From leaking tap washers to broken appliances to small renovations, no job is too small. We can even set up and show you how to work any electronic items such as TV’s, DVD players, PVR’s and Hi Fi’s.

We can service and repair just about anything mechanical such as trailers, ride-on mowers, garden equipment, wheelbarrows and bicycles.

What we can’t do

We are unable to perform work where a specialised licence is required, such as most electrical, plumbing, gas-fitting and air conditioning work. We can’t do work that requires a QBCC licence, generally building, landscaping, fencing or similar work where the total project cost is over $3,300 including GST (see the QBCC website for full details).

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to provide basic garden maintenance services such as hand mowing, weeding and pruning, although we can still do some heavy work such as tree-felling, chain-sawing or landscaping. We can refer you to competent professionals in these areas if needed.

If in doubt please phone or email us to see if we are able to perform the specific work you require.